Luhta Ilveslinna Women’s printed jersey jacket CORAL-RED


The Luhta Ilveslinna jersey jacket is not just a stylish garment for everyday and outdoor wear but also an environmentally friendly choice. The fabric is a combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester. The organically produced cotton lessens the chemical load on the environment and makes the garment delightfully soft and breathable. The polyester, on the other hand, enhances the durability and moisture-transferring properties of the fabric, making the jacket also suitable for active outdoor use. By using recycled fibres, we use up less non-renewable resources and help reduce the amount of plastic waste.

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  • 86% Polyester, 14% Cotton
  • Conscious cotton production is based on socially sustainable practices and compliance with strict environmental standards.
  • Functionality and comfort have been paid special attention to in the design process of this A.W.S. ACTIVE product, which makes it fit for both energetic and relaxed activities.
  • This product contains recycled materials, making less of an impact on our environment.
  • Elastic hem.
  • Logo label.
  • Printed pattern.

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